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Comfort Is Our Little Secret

Matt Bernson launched his eponymous label over a decade ago after buying a sandal in a marketplace in India for his then girlfriend, now wife and mother of his two children. It began his quest to design shoes that the sophisticated women of Tribeca, where his studio is located, would love for their style but come back because of their comfort and quality. Through collaborations with other notable brands and celebrities word of mouth buzz continues to spread. At the core is a curiosity about the customer that drives Matt to seek inspiration in order to continuously delight both returning and new customers alike.


 Limited Edition



From the beginning, Matt Bernson has focused on cultivating deep relationships with those that produce the product. That means knowing the workers that make each pair of shoes as that is at the heart of great execution. In fact for many years we owned our own factories. We now work with a long cultivated network of top-of-class artisan producers. In many cases the factories are women-owned and managed. This is important to the company as we cherish our customers who happen to be women and believe that female entrepreneurship (attention to their workers well-being) is a key ingredient to success. All factories are vetted for paying fair wages and benefits, safe working conditions, well ventilated and respect for hours worked.



It is something often overstated by brands that they strive for the highest quality. One of the reasons our prices are fair but not “cheap” is that it costs more to make something really well. We only use the best materials for ALL components. Our memory foam insoles are proprietary to add an extra spring in your step. Vegetable tanned leathers that are chromium-free are always our first choice. When it comes to fit, this is a constantly evolving process that is being improved upon at all times. We aim to have accurate sizing and communicate nuances of fit noted for each product we sell. In non-technical term, we want the shoes to feel like a gentle hug. This means countless hours are spent fine-tuning construction details and wear-testing styles in order to deliver shoes that make our fans want to sing our praises. Our customer service and support teams are at the ready if there should be an issue that you encounter.