"In so many ways, everyday life in our digital age is like an intense sports match. No matter what, we are on the run: getting from appointments to meetings to pick-ups and drop-offs to errands then fun and squeezing some work in between. That is what my days are filled with and I know that when I started on the design and concept of Matt Bernson SPORT I wanted each style to have a look that is classic yet spontaneous. You should always feel put together, but you should also be able to break into a sprint at a moment's notice when something inevitably comes up.

When deciding on where to produce the collection, I settled on Portugal for several reasons. Most importantly, the historically elevated craftsmanship meets the handmade quality that we demand of all of our production. We also linked up with a performance outsole supplier that brought a high level of technical expertise into the fold. And by combining a wonderful small-batch production facility with a high-tech performance outsole expert, the final product hits that perfect balance of functional, modern fashion.

The new Matt Bernson SPORT collection is along for the ride, no matter if that's a pressed juice binge one week, acai bowls the next, a case of rosé in between, a quick gluten free pasta kick, and then Paleo thereafter. We all aim to be healthy and fit but still sneak in the occasional hedonistic indulgences. If that sounds familiar, then you're definitely one of us."

-Matt Bernson

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