FALL 2017

“Every collection is an evolution built on design that has been in progress for over a decade. We don’t do themes like butterflies or the circus or French ballerinas. It is more of a meditation on what silhouettes and details will be relevant for years to come. We start with a diverse group of sketches and ideas and then figure out the technical details that will make each style comfortable. It is a balancing act coming up with styles that feel both familiar and new. It is all in the details, as you can well imagine. We spent weeks getting to three different perfect tones of tan/beige/brown leathers and suedes that have a subtle two-tone luxe brushed nap. We use a hand stitch detail on many styles that is classically used on handbags yet brings out edge lines on a shoe in a way we love. We are layering in new styles weekly, leading up to Winter and Holiday, so it is worth checking back in to see what’s new. We have great respect for our artisan factories and, more than ever, we have limited quantities due to focused production. So, it is advised not to wait as we don’t want you to miss out.”

-Matt Bernson